Remember that age old saying, “You get what you pay for.” That still stands true today! Don’t be fooled by discount realtors teasing you with extremely low rates, and giving you extremely low service. Let’s face it, your single most important investment, besides your family, is your home. Don't leave such an important transaction such as selling your home to just anyone. Understand that some homes need more assistance in selling than others.That's why we offer, in addition to traditional Real Estate services, a new concept in marketing and selling homes. With the introduction of the VIDEO OPEN HOUSE, we offer unique sales plans for sellers, which offers them the opportunity to have their homes Marketed, Processed and Sold with the assurance and confidence of using a licensed Realtor to complete the transaction for as low as $ 499.00. Sherlock Homes Realty is the originator of the VIDEO OPEN HOUSE and soars far ahead of the Real Estate market in technology, service and satisfaction.
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Area: Rossville
Type: 2 Family Detached
Style: Hi ranch
Condition: Excellent
Bedrooms: 5
MLS: 1119607